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With over 30  years of experience, our diving centre is one of the oldest in Croatia.

Diving Centre Zuljana began in 1986, today we sail out to 25 different dive locations with our enthusiastic, professional team in a 15m sail boat.

With us you can experience an astonishing diversity of sea and coral life, magnificent walls of Anemone and Gorgonians. The adventurous shipwreck dives, underwater caves and passages that will take your breath away.


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The newly refurbished boat provides complete comfort for 20 people. It is equipped with compressor, oxygen and 1st assistance diver suit-case. 

We sail out  twice a day at 10.00 and at 16.00 o’clock.

Early morning and night dives can be arranged.

Non-divers have plenty to enjoy with sunbathing  on the spacious upper sun deck to swimming and snorkling the crystal clear sea.

In our village it is safe to leave your equipment on deck to dry after washing it following the diving session. 


The centre itself and our house are located about three minutes walk from the harbour. The Diving Centre is equipped with:

3 stationary Taurus compressors , 32 steel cylinders 12l and 13l

and  complete rental equipment for 10 divers. 

Shipwrecks and caves


The diving area around Zuljana has 6 shipwrecks to offer, at depths from 15m to 45m. We hold a special Croatian authorities permit to visit and explore all of them.


  • The most famous is the German torpedo boat S57, sunk in August 1944 during a rescue operation. The S 57 is located at a depths from 20 to 37m and is very easily accessibleTwo AAMG at the stern of the ship are very well preserved, one of them is still able to rotate. 


  • 2000 year old Roman shipwreck, discovered in 2006, is also buried nearby, at a depth of 45m. The wood of her hull is completely submerged in the sand and is still very well preserved. A lot of relics from the era are found onboard the ship and around the shipwreck.


  • Croatian cement freighter (Voljak) sunk in 1969, which is preserved with its cargo of hardened cement bags is one and a half hours away and a 18 m long ferry called Siebel (Ponton) that sunk in 2nd World War is only 10 minutes away.

  • Another two shipwrecks of Pola-Pola supply ships are about 45 and 60 minutes away ​from the Zuljana port.






A very special diving experience is undoubtedly the cave dive. Numerous caves around Zuljana all with different configurations will provide experienced divers with different levels of dive difficulty. All caves are at most 10-15 minutes boat ride from the main port.



  • One of them is about 9 m deep and rises 30 m into the mountain. This cave has only one accessible entrance from the mainland and it is half filled with air.


  • Another large cave is only 3 m deep and completely filled with air and rises 30-40 m into the mountain.


  • A small and flat so-called labyrinth cave is very narrow and half filled with air and fresh water ; located 4.5 m under the surface. Its configuration makes it extremely difficult to dive in, therefore it is only for the professional and experienced diver.

  • Near the port is another cave, completely under water, at about 3 m deep and 30 m in the mountain. Due to the narrow and shallow opening, it is only for the advanced diver.

  • The deepest cave is at a 9.5 m depth and is also completely submerged under water and rises to about 15 m into the rock.




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